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Cellular Hair Activation

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There are certain cells within the hair follicle. which can be isolated and infused into the villous(dying) hair follicles to potentially, convert them to terminal anagen follicles. The solution to male /female pattern baldness is at the level cell,intracellular protiens,dormant bulge/dermal stemcells and their communication within themselves,

Treating Root cause of AGA @ cellular Level

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only @ nigams
Implantation by under patent process, injection like device, for target delivery of graft,thus virtually bloodless implantation,no pushing,crushing of grafts,as in traditional fue.Fusion of hair restoration with biotech (Hair root cells, Advance PRP & Active Follicle cells) for better survival of grafts, Scarless i.e, virtually no white dots at donor and potential donor hair regrowth.

Injecting Bio Materials with FUE

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Potential Donor Preservation/Doubling

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A hair follicle can also be bisected under magnification, at its root, thus from 1 hair follicle, there is potential to create 2 hair follicles. The growth of bisected hair follicles are supports by various technique potential to create 2 follicle from one

HAIR DOUBLING..denovo/invitro & invivo...

Research & Development Div.

Probably only HT clinic with Bio-tech Research & Development division,which is the future of hair restoration...!!


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Results After 1-1/2 Year Of Bio Tech Treatments

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Derma Roller with Topicals

Cotsarelis wounding Approach
Wounding may activate hair follicle bulge /root cells and may give rise to neo follicles and or activate miniaturised follicles in androgenetic alopecia. Dermarollers are used for minimal wounding on scalp and various topicals for hair activation are used with the help of nanotechnique or iontophoresis

Body to Scalp Hair Transplant

Scalp Cover (New)

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Advance PRP With ECM, GP